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What is this?

GPU mining rigs are specialized computers packed with Graphical Processor Units (GPUs) and minimally everything else. They don't even have monitors! They operate using Linux, on shelves with fans, and command line interface only. It is daunting for the uninitiated, that is why Sigwo Technology takes care of the tough stuff to create the opportunities for you.

Is this 'Cloud Mining'?

No, these are mining rigs owned by Sigwo Technology. There are no 'contracts' or 'buying hashrate' with SIGFARM. You receive royalties based upon the amount of SIGFARM assets you hold.

Easy To Setup

Simply visit the consultation site above to request a call to discuss your business's unqiue needs. By using Darcrus as a base, you can build a SaaS, PaaS, or BaaS and never worry about setting a recovery database again!

Advanced Platform

By using in-house Darcrus, we pay for any blockchain maintenance or development costs with income earned by consulting for businesses and assisting with the development of their custom dAppsheet application. Darcrus is built from a mature, progessive, and decentralized platform fit for utility by Sigwo Technologies and your business.

Awesome Support

We provide fast and high quality support for all customers. Feel free to contact us, we try to respond to everyone within a 24 hour period.

Little About Us

We run SIGFARM, worked on UNOMP, created SigBOT for Sigwo Technology. Steven is also a team member of Stratis and founding member of Influx. SIGFARM is currently paying out 5.5% per month (~54% APR). A snapshot from April 1st, 2016 to August 1st, 2016 SIGFARM has paid 55.70% ($7,814.48) of the invested funds ($14,028.73) out back to the royalty payments. Check out some photos of the rigs.

Our Mission

We aim to give opportunities to everyone to pool together and build a shared income stream. SIGFARM is building a resilient self-replenishing structure through 5% keep backs every month to ensure continued expansion and upgrade of old or worn out equipment.

Our Vision

We will provide our customers the highest quality performance, profitability, and options for passive income. We strive to stay ahead of the trends to ensure our mining rigs are running at peak performance to balance longevity and predictability.

What's Next?

We are expanding SIGFARM with each investment. Our future steps include a purpose-built structure on local property with solar, wind, and water power. We intend to build a proper battery bank and appropriately cool the structure for maximum efficiency.

Contact Us

We are ready to achieve new milestones with you.

Use this link to invest in SIGFARM.

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