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How can we help?

Sigwo Technologies is a software and consultation firm that uses Jupiter and customized plugins to help businesses improve recovery, restoration, and data protection of your customers. Sigwo Technologies can provide security, network, and server consultation as well in conjunction with your blockchain as a service (BCaaS) solution to give a packaged solution and hand off to your on-site IT staff.

Little About Us

We target businesses that need provable, encrypted, or recoverable data. Some businesses will need all three or more of these properties. If a business is staring down the MS SQL upgrade barrel, needing to migrate data and rebuild your replication setup, we can assist with Jupiter instead. The provenance of data is essential when being audited, inspected, and evaluated for any type of certification or ISO standard approvals.

Our Mission

Sigwo Technologies is building a resilient data storage and encryption application for today's businesses in effort to reduce CAPEX and OPEX.

Our Vision

Build scalable software to meet our clients needs and lead them to improved efficiencies and avoid unnecessary costs.

What's Next?

We are working on Jupiter and dAppsheet templates for demonstrations and use case analysis.

Contact Us

We are ready to achieve new milestones with you.

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