Enterprise data provenance

Store it once, everywhere

Customizing your current application into one of our blockchain-enabled applications gives you the capability of storing your data in an encrypted, always-available and decentralized way.
In conjunction with your blockchain as a service (BaaS) solutions, Sigwo Technologies offers security, network and server consultation to give a fully packaged solution to deliver to your on-site IT staff.

Steven Grove
President, Founder, Developer
Steven is a diversified IT professional with 21+
years of highly technical experience and
problem solving skills, and 5 years in
blockchain technology. He has also served for
over 20 years in the United States Army. He
holds CISSP and ITILv3 certifications.

[email protected]

David Mah
Adelaide, Australia
Co-Founder, Business Development, Concepts
David specialises in conceptualising and
implementing ideas on the blockchain. In 2016,
he founded Wagerr, the first fully decentralised
sports-betting blockchain. He is also a medical
practitioner by profession and is exploring the
role of blockchain technology in the medical

[email protected]