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    • 01. What is Web 3?

      There are a few fundamental differences between web2 and web3, but decentralization is at its core. Web3 enhances the internet as we know it today with a few other added characteristics. web3 is: Verifiable Trustless Self-governing Permissionless Distributed and robust Stateful Native built-in payments   In web3, developers don’t usually build and deploy applications that run on a single server or that store their data in a single database (usually hosted on and managed by a single cloud provider).

    • 02. How Web 3 is different?

      Instead, web3 applications either run on blockchains, decentralized networks of many peer-to-peer nodes (servers), or a combination of the two that forms a cryptoeconomic protocol. These apps are often referred to as dapps (decentralized apps), and you will see that term used often in the web3 space. To achieve a stable and secure decentralized network, network participants (developers) are incentivized and compete to provide the highest quality services to anyone using the service. Incentivization is not always at the application level. We at Sigwo Technologies build these incentivized applications for your business or internet service as well as rewarding infrastructure ...

    • 03. Why is Web3 better?

      These protocols may often offer a variety of different services like compute, storage, bandwidth, identity, hosting, and other web services commonly provided by cloud providers in the past. People can make a living by participating in the protocol in various ways, in both technical and non-technical levels. Our favorite perk to Web3 is the ability to host your own service provider yet share data and messaging with anyone in the world in a permissionless fashion. No company can stop, deny, limit, or otherwise disturb your application. Consumers of the service usually pay to use the protocol, similarly to how they ...

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