Gravity is the framework that allows anyone to build custom Distributed Applications (DAPPs) on Jupiter’s blockchain. Gravity is coded using Node.js and React.js, using AirBNB standards to ensure developers can easily understand the structure and start coding their custom DAPP. These applications can be attached to any Jupiter node on the network with replication of data stored. Gravity has built-in AES encryption standard, account creation with tiered privileges and two-factor authentication (2FA) features.

By using the Jupiter account system, DAPPs will allow administration tools and tiered features for the subscribers and users of the DAPP. Users of the DAPP will not need to interact with Jupiter tokens when using our DAPPs as the administration team tracks and allows for user account interaction. DAPP creators also have the unique ability to charge a subscription for feebased access or simply create a free ecosystem and monetize the DAPP in other ways.

All our applications use the Gravity Framework. We have explored many ways organizations could utilize DAPPs, these are not limited to tracking land deeds, awarding city contracts, voting registrations, verifiable proof of authenticity, etc.

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