Encrypted, immutable and decentralized syslog storage and replication

JUPITER TITAN is for encrypted, provable and decentralized storage of your server’s system and authentication logs. With Titan, your organization will always have provable syslog files, encrypted, time-stamped and provably immutable. Deter and protect syslog and authentication information from insider threats from tampering or destruction, provide law enforcement immutable proof of attack and potentially reduce investigation time.


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Lock your private or public information with undeniable proof

JUPITER GRAVITY will hold the digital signature, time-stamping and storage mechanisms of information stored on Jupiter’s blockchain. This will give organizations the ability to publicly track land deeds, city contract awards or local voting registrations with a verifiable proof of the authenticity. Gravity could allow population health providers to privately store and encrypt anonymous participant information for research. It can also be used to keep customer information or business accounting encrypted at creation, safe and replicated.


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Time-stamp and store video frames for provenance

JUPITER EYE will tag still framed images from streaming video per your specifications to give provenance for investigative purposes. This will allow for the full video to be viewed while proving the video is real based on the time-stamps and saved photos on the blockchain.


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